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Louise Muller, Owner  & Certified Planner

Calgary Wedding Planner, Perfect Day Ventures
Hi, my name is Louise Muller.  I first started this company because I was missing something in my career, I was missing a sense of joy & fulfilment. I truly wanted a career that didn’t just feel like a job, or a means to pay the bills, but like something bigger I wanted to be a part of each and every day.   I wanted to wake up in the morning with a sense of accomplishment, a sense that I just might make a bride and groom’s dreams come true today!  I am very passionate about the love and commitment a couple shares, and the personal ideas that they have for creating their perfect day.  I wanted to be a part of that process; I wanted to help my couples create that dream they have in their minds of the celebration of theirlove for each other.   That’s why I named my business Perfect Day Ventures.   Because it is an adventure, in which our goal is to create their vision of the Perfect Day.   In August 2010, Perfect Day Ventures was born.   Shortly thereafter, I decided that I needed to have the appropriate credentials.   So I received my professional wedding planner designation with the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada – the ONLY certification course that regulates its members in Canada. 

Lisa-Anne Cimino, Junior Coordinator

Calgary Wedding Planner, Perfect Day Ventures
Hello, my name is Lisa-Anne Cimino.  After lots of soul searching, and countless wedding showers, baby showers, and turns as a bridesmaid, my brother and sister asked me why I wasn’t a wedding/event coordinator.  That really got me thinking, I truly love every aspect and all the tiny details of a wedding.  I know that there is nothing better than watching two people in love have a perfect day and not have a care in the world besides marrying their one and only.  I decided to pursue this path and completed my certification through Wedding Planner’s Institute of Canada (WPIC). Not only did WPIC give me the tools and background needed for wedding coordinating, but they also provide a great support group.  It was through WPIC that I met Louise and am able to help plan your Perfect Day. I can’t wait to meet you and help your wedding be the day you’ve always dreamed!

Rikki Alayna-Jane, Junior Coordinator
Calgary Wedding Planner, Perfect Day Ventures, Beautiful Bridal Bouquet CalgaryHello, my name is Rikki Alayna-Jane. I have always had a passion for working with other people and being a part of their dreams coming true. There is nothing more rewarding than helping others make their visions of their perfect day a reality for themselves.  I discovered my love for weddings and its many components through working as both a supervisor and server in a variety of event settings including: live theatre, festivals, and banquets. This work experience combined with my dedication to helping people led me to complete my certification through the Wedding Planner’s Institute of Canada (WPIC). This certification gave me a great understanding of the many aspects that wedding planning can entail. Weddings are a strong passion of mine and I can’t wait to help you plan the most amazing wedding that a bride and groom could ask for!
Our Role
Our role as  Certified Wedding Planners is that of many.  We are accountants, counsellors, artists, inspiration specialists, personal assistants, stage directors, and most importantly of all, stress reducers!   It is our responsibility to work with couples who are about to embark on a wonderful journey towards marital bliss, to make their process as stress-free and as exciting as possible.  We will assist with the planning and execution of that big event that is just the beginning of their marvellous journey.   Our purpose is to ensure that their day is truly a perfect vision of what they’d imagined through their planning process.   We are there to ensure that they can fully enjoy their day and not have to worry about any of the details, no matter how big or how small.  We are also there to act as their bookkeeper, to keep them organized and within budget.  We can be a source of inspiration for themes and ideas and be their liaison between not only the vendors for the special day, but between the families and the couple themselves.  We are there to bring their vision to life and to create the day that truly reflects them as a couple, a day that not only they will cherish the rest of their lives, but a day that their friends and family will remember for a lifetime. 
Our Promise
When you marry someone, you exchange vows.   Vows are promises you make to one another for life.  Why should our business be any different?  After all, we are in the wedding business, and our business values should reflect those of a happy marriage.   And so, our vow is to ensure that we do everything our experience has taught us to bring all the details together to create your perfect day.  You have our promise that we will give you 100% commitment in planning your day, up to, and including the day of. We will listen to your ideas, and provide inspiration in helping to bring those ideas to fruition.  Planning your wedding shouldn’t be stressful; it should be a fun and exciting experience, much like the feelings that you had when you first got engaged!  So, whether you need someone to execute the entire plan, start to finish, someone to provide assistance with the fine details, or just to oversee your already planned wedding, we can help.
Let’s face it, there are a lot of brides out there who are more than happy to plan their own wedding, and usually do so with no trouble at all.  You know who you are ladies.  We can promise to help those brides as well, for a nominal fee.  We will be there to listen, and take direction for the items those brides need looking after while they’re getting into that beautiful gown on their wedding day. Trust me brides… you don’t want anything to worry about during those special moments.  Let us help you!  
We look forward to meeting you!
~Louise Muller, WPICC   And the Team
Certified Wedding Coordinator
President, Perfect Day Ventures
Calgary, AB
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